Ali Fazıl Böyet, General Manager of Akım Metal A Group: ''It doubled its production capacity with robotic automation.''

Ali Fazıl Böyet, General Manager of Akım Metal A Group: “We have dreamed that the robotic automation implemented by TEZMAKSAN with the engineering support has shifted to Industry 4.0. In fact, one day, the lights of the factories will turn off and industrials will make value-added manufacture in the lights-out factories. And robotics automation is a significant step in this new industrial revolution…”

You are a high-capacity metal parts manufacturer. How did the idea of robotics automation implementation shape?

We give particular importance to the automation for many years for the continuity of the business and high-quality human-independent manufacturing. As Akım Metal A Group, by realizing the importance of the system, we started to set up automation systems in our manufacturing even in the years when the shift to automation in the industry was not intense. I would like to highlight that this application is not the first robotics automation application that was implemented by Akım Metal.   Besides, we also incorporate an automation unit that answers a certain part of our needs.

How did TEZMAKSAN get involved at this stage? What kind of support has been given to Akım Metal on robotics automation?

We handed over the machine from TEZMAKSAN as project based. Therefore, it was involved to the business from the sales of the machine to the manufacturing of the first part. TEZMAKSAN established the PLC software and interface programs that are the components of the project.  We integrated it with two Brother R650X1 robots.

How do you select the machine to be used for the automation?

The machine should have a suitable technological infrastructure that conforms with the automation systems. Conformance with robotics automation can only be provided when the physical and electronic structure is convenient to the integration and likewise the control unit. TEZMAKSAN brands are much convenient to high-technology robotic integrations…”

What changed in your manufacturing after TEZMAKSAN’s robotics automation application? Could you please inform of the productivity obtained and the advantages gained?

We have dreamed this project to be a complete shift to Industry 4.0.  The implemented part of the application has provided a base for this. Hence it was important, and it made a significant contribution to TEZMAKSAN. A high OEE independent from human error and non-productiveness, a manufacture of standard quality turned the project into an advantage from day one. Thanks to robotics automation applications with the engineering support provided by TEZMAKSAN, we doubled our capacity.

Were you satisfied with it? If you performed such an implementation again, would you get support from TEZMAKSAN once more?

For sure we are satisfied. Because TEZMAKSAN gave its support not only by providing machine but also with its engineering knowledge. To provide such integration, brand representatives and manufacturers need to understand customer’s needs and to lead each other. TEZMAKSAN got involved in the integration with its increasing technical infrastructure, especially in the recent period. We can even say for its robotics automation project a “turnkey project”. We will have the pleasure to maintain our longstanding cooperation with TEZMAKSAN, from which we bought our first CNC machine 26 years ago, with such and similar projects.